7 Benefits of integrating live chat on your WordPress website

When it comes to an online business, the crucial part is the customer support department. Whether it be pre-sales or post-sales services, if you have a good customer support department, your clients will be happy.

Giving quick responses to your clients and solving their queries is the key responsibility of the support team. To do so, a live chat software is the most efficient way to provide support. Let’s see how a live chat on your WordPress website can prove out to be helpful.

1. Good for Pre-Sales Services

Experts suggest that more than half of returning customers face difficulty or have some query regarding the product or service and they leave your website. If you have live chat software on your site, it becomes easy for your clients to ask questions and get instant resolutions.

Most of the customers when they come to your website for the first time, they have one or the other questions about your products or services. When it is difficult for the customer to reach out to customer support, they tend to shift to your competitor. Research by McKinsey suggests, 70% of the buying experience depends on how a customer is treated.

This is a very similar situation that you face when you enter a retail shop. You may be out there to buy a DSLR camera and imagine there is no one to explain you or answer your queries; it will be irritating, right? So, to avoid such a scenario with a visitor on your site, you need a live chat WordPress integration software.

Thus, having an excellent live chat for WordPress will help you get a better conversion rate.

2. People love to talk to humans

live chat on your WordPress website

Every time your customer has a question, they won’t  read your FAQ or talk to an autoresponder on your website. This is sometimes so irritating that a customer abandons the transaction, thereby affecting the bottom line of your business.

Instead of the chatbots or a set of FAQs, it is better to have a live chat software integrated with your website. This not only makes the process easy at the customer end, but it is easy for a support executive as well.

3. After sales services

If you are selling a product or giving a service, in most of the cases, a user will try to connect your support only in the cases where he is facing some difficulty. In this situation, he has already paid you, but he is not able to use the service or the product when needed. So, it is evident that a normal human being will get frustrated. A survey suggests that 7 out of 10, i.e. 70% of customers are ready to pay more if the company is providing better support.

When he is already pissed off and it is difficult for him to connect to your support or if it takes time in to and fro emails, he is most likely to feel frustrated. This tarnishes your brand reputation, which shouldn’t happen in any case. Thus, it becomes necessary that your customer may get immediate help by merely dropping a message to your support department.

4. Guiding a customer becomes easy

Whenever a customer is stuck up with anything on your website, he expects someone to guide him. While he communicates with emails, it takes a lot of time in to and fro explanations. Instead, if there is a live chat for WordPress, your support executive can quickly explain the things.

In this process, if the client is again stuck up or not able to find what the executive is conveying, with the live chat software, the question-answer process becomes quick and it is easy to fix the problem. This way your customer gets a satisfaction and is less frustrated as compared to the case of emails.

5. Good Relationships

We all try to have good relationships with our customers, maybe by weekly emails, some free goodies, etc. Then why not when they visit you?

A customer on our site is equivalent to a customer visiting a store. The way we are treated at a retail store, when someone greets us, asks us if we have any queries, makes us feel good. This psychological effect makes a positive impact on the customer.

live chat on your WordPress website

In a chat conversation, the customer can say their bit and the representative has to respond immediately. This makes a customer a vital part of the whole process and this is what everybody likes.

6. A confidence builder

When a customer visits your site and sees a live chat WordPress integration, this gives a positive impact on the customer. This ensures a good help from our side. Also, this becomes a key point of service as compared to your competitors.

To maintain a high ratio of customer satisfaction either you need someone who can answer your customers 24 hours a day or you need to figure out the peak hours. You can mention the hours your chat support will be active and this too has a good impact on customers.

7. Quickest way to communicate

Other than the live chat software there are different ways; your customer can reach you. Maybe by generating a support ticket, by emails, or a toll-free phone call. While a customer reaches you by a support ticket or email, he has to wait for a customer support executive to respond him. On an average, this takes 2 hours to 24 hours, which is a good amount of time.

If a customer reaches you by a phone call, it is so irritating to pass through your IVR menu and then to wait for a customer executive to answer your call. Whereas with the chat support system, it becomes easy for an executive to handle multiple chats at a time and thus all these steps that delay the process are put aside.


This is how a live chat software is an important asset of a website. Live chat WordPress integration is just a few clicks away with the latest software and plugins available in the market.

Concluding the discussion, live chat for WordPress helps you get higher conversion rates, good after-sales services and along with this makes it easy for your customers to get in touch with your support team.

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