7 Best Completely Free Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools 2017

( Free Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools )

Checking Google Keyword Ranking is an essential and usual procedure that must be performed by every blogger or SEO professional in order to know if they are ranking well for their targeted keyword on the Google search results or not.

The keywords are very important part of a Search Engine Optimization campaign.

Many time you will find that your posts are not getting high rankings on Search Engine Results Pages ( SERPs ). Although, there can be various reason for low rankings but a common reason behind this can also be the wrong selection of keyword. Avoid making such mistakes to get a high position in search results.

Use Google Keyword Planner or any other tool to find a powerful keyword for each Article.

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Use keyword suggestion tools and find a strong keyword that you will target in your next blog post. Keyword plays a vital role in SEO. You should target those keywords which are having high searches or users search the most.

In order to achieve high rankings for your blog posts on Google, you should replace those keywords which are not working well for your posts. For this, you need a tool which can tell you without wasting time where exactly your particular keyword ranks in Google search results. This will help you know about the competition.

Today’s post is all about Google Keyword Rank checker tools which are 100% free and easy to use. SEMRush and Ahrefs are very popular on the Internet but they are not completely free and the charges are too high. Though SEMRush gives you a free trial for few days Ahrefs charges $7 for the 7-day trial. Tools listed below are completely free and anyone can use them.

6 Best Completely Free Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools

1. SE Ranking Position Tracking Tool

SE Ranking is a potent all-in-one marketing software which included 100% accurate position tracking tool. It allows easily tracking both desktop and mobile results which is especially essential nowadays. With a free 14-days trial, you will get an access to a multifunctional keyword rank tracking tool. The service also provides an ultimate competitors’ overview so if you want to monitor their positions, simply create a “competitors” group in your dashboard and start tracking them as well.

How to use this tool?

It is the easiest. You can enter them manually or import from Google Analytics or CSV/XML files. For your convenience, there is an option to group your keywords.

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2. Google Rank Checker Tool


Google Rank checker tool is 100% free and very easy to use. This is my favourite tool because it is very accurate and simple. Google Rank checker is an amazing free online tool that helps users track their keyword position on Google Search result pages.

You can select any Google’s Regional Domain from the given regions. As you can see in the screenshot, I have selected the World/USA. You can choose whichever region you want.

How to use this tool?

Using this tool is very easy, you just have to enter your domain name along with your keyword and the value of simple mathematics addition problem.  It will show your keyword position on Google based on your selected region.

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Keyword Position checker is a free tool to check your position in the top search engines for specific keywords. You can Select the Range of pages that you want to check keyword rankings for. There are multiple Search engines you can select other than Google.

Free Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools

How to use ?

There are total three boxes. In the first box enter your domain name ( yourdomain.com ), the second box is for entering the keyword. You can enter multiple keywords but only One keyword per line. The Third box is for selecting Range of pages.

Very easy right ?

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Free Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools

Google Position checker allows users to check google position for a single keyword for many domains at once. This is another free excellent tool to check the Google Keyword ranking. This tool tracks the first 100 search results on Google. You can check at once keyword rank for up to 10 domains whether own domains or competitor domains doesn’t matter.

How to use ?

To check keyword position in google ranking, just enter your keyword and domain name. You can also add your competitor’s domain by clicking on the Add competitor domain button.

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5. Keyword Rank Checker – SEOCentro

Free Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools

This is another free and useful tool that allows users to check their search engine position ranking for any keyword in the major search engines. Keyword Rank Checker tool allows you to add Competitor’s Domain along with your own domain.

How to use this tool ?

To check your Keyword Rank, simply enter keyword along with your domain name. Competitor’s Domain is optional,  if you want then add the domain of competitor or else keep it blank and submit.

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6. Keyword Battle – Keyword Ranking Tool

Free Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools

The Keyword battle is an ultimate free tool. This is my second favorite tool. The Keyword Battle allows users to check their Search Engine Rankings and compare them with their Competitors. You can enter as many keywords you want at a time along with domain list.

You can switch version of the search engine in the country of your choice. This tool checks ranking for top 100 search results.

How to use ?

Add a list of keywords and domains ( add the domain of your competitor if you want to compare with their results ). Select the search engine according to the country of your choice.

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7. Keyword Rank Checker – SERPs

Free Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools

This is a free tool that is best for local searches as users can see the rankings for the search performed in the specific city. Along with Desktop one can also check rankings for the searches performed on Mobile device.

The tool lets you do multiple searches one-after-another and then download all of the results in one CSV.

How to use this tool ?

Using this tool is very easy, simply enter the keyword along with domain name ( keep it blank for all 250 search results ). Select search engine and location as well as the device.

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Above listed tools are 100% free. There are tons of free Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools but these are easy to use and accurate. By knowing your rankings you can work on those posts which are not ranking well or need more attention.

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Best Free Google Keyword Rank Checker Tools 2016



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