5 Ways to Leverage Instagram for Business

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Any online medium without images and videos does not work well in interacting with the people. Instagram is a platform on which you can post images and videos to encourage the audience to visit your site regularly and stay for a longer time.

If you demand to get your product and brand be seen by the huge population, want to grow your followers, and eventually get paid, and then you are at the best platform to share your products and services. Instagram really helps in converting the random shoppers to be your regular clients. Is not it the best platform you could dream off? If you have a strong visual component then Instagram is the perfect platform for you.

The more posted images and videos, the more followers you get and the more will be paid back to you. You can even buy followers from different sites available. The number of followers also makes it clear to the people that the brand is worth following. It builds a confidence in them to trust your brand and business.

Leverage Instagram for Business

There are very effective ways by which you can make use of Instagram for business purposes. Some of them are listed below:

1. Appealing Account to Attract Followers

Try to be an admin of a decent account with a good number of followers to which your content is getting exposed. The desire of getting new followers is accomplished only by posting the unique and the original content in the form of images and videos. High-quality pictures are also the major tool in getting more followers. Or you may buy the followers from the sites available and post some creative content to make them engaged. Try to be active always; it keeps your file interesting.

2. Increase Engagement

Highlight your customer regularly to get the positive feedback from them. The likes and the comments on your post will give an overall estimate of the audience engaged. Make use of posting the inside look that how you work and what your employee serves just to make new followers satisfied with your brand. This helps them to have a trust in you.

3. Use of Hashtags

Leverage Instagram for Business

The new way of sorting out the content is the use of hashtags. Make your own hashtag and let your brand or business more searchable on Instagram. The adults get really attracted to the posts with hashtags mentioned. This is a new trend of making things look valuable. Hashtags make it easier for the people who search for your business on Instagram. No matter what your picture or video is about, use of hashtags makes your business more discoverable.

4. Arranging Giveaways

Another effective way to be exposed to a large size population is by organizing a contest and giveaway packages. Keep your followers up to date about the results of the contests. Think of giving something unique to the winner to get more followers and traffic to your site. Encourage the followers to tag their friends, make use of your company’s hashtags, comment or like the posts. This engages people more and they become curious about the results. You can do a live video coverage when announcing the result. As live videos have a good impact on your followers as compared to the videos which are already recorded.

5. Mention Location and Details

Events are the great ways to optimize your followers. By mentioning your location helps your followers to mention the same location when they visit your store. You can ask the people who are going to attend the events arrange to get an idea of the number audience coming and interested. It a creative way to increase your social media marketing.


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Last updated: February 8, 2018

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