5 Ways To Find Related Niche Blogs for Commenting

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5 Ways To Find Related Niche Blogs for Commenting

The Link Building process is a vital process for making a concrete SEO practice in these days. The powerful backlinking process would make the blog skyrocket with the magical mysterious algorithm action. So, people concentrate majorly on Building Backlinks in possible ways.

The proper backlink and the relevant one could bring a massive result for any blog or website. The relevancy is the major criteria for the best Link Building process. It may be Do-Follow or No-Follow that doesn’t matter a lot but the relevancy matters a lot. Even a backlink could be obtained by leaving a comment on the relevant niche blog. Apart from gaining SEO power, you could get massive referral traffic from the Blog Comment.

For Example, A backlink from an Automobile Blog that points a WordPress related or Entertainment Blog sounds irrelevant. The proper backlink could do magic for you only if the types of blog post content methods match each other. So, the 5 best ways to find the related niche blogs would be explained in this blog post for commenting in an easy way for the backlinking process.

5 Ways To Find Related Niche Blogs for Commenting

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The 5 best ways to Find Related Niche Blogs for Commenting are listed below.

1. Search Query Method – (Google Search Parameters)

The Search Engine may results you the popular websites and blogs while you search for the relevant blogs. But there exist many weblogs that don’t allow visitors leave their comment. Some of the blog does it but it will undergo moderation and that would be a tedious process in obtaining the backlink through comment.

To leave the comment on your related Niche Blog without any interruption, you can use the following Search Engine Value for finding the gems.

intitle:XXXXX “2..20 comments”

Replace XXXXX with your niche. For Example, if I am searching for the blog that has the niche WordPress, then I would search as intitle:WordPress “2..20 comments”.

This would show you the results where you could easily comment on your relevant Niche Blog without any limitation or frustration. You should provide the link to your Blog or Blog Post inside the Website/URL field to obtain the backlink juice.

2. DropMyLink

DropMyLink is an online place where you could easily leave your footprints on the relevant blogs in a rapid way. The time for researching Blog Comment location could be saved to the maximum end. Thus, one could easily find the relevant blog and leave their footprints in the form of Blog comment effectively.

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To access DropMyLink, you’ll need to login to your DropMyLink account. In case if you’re new to DropMyLink, you’ll need to sign up for free to continue this valuable website service. Once you’ve logged into your dashboard, you’ll be able to search the relevant blog by feeding the input keyword (niche) in the field box.

You can also modify the search results by altering the Category and Footprint via Drop Down Menu. The Forum Backlink, Guest Post, Resource Pages and more could be found out in a fraction of seconds. Thus, it is one of the best ways to find your relevant Blog Niche for commenting over there in a simple manner.

3. Competitor’s Backlink Analysis

Is your Competitor doing the best things with the backlinks? If yes, then you could do the same as what he/she do. This could be done with the help of some of the online tools and software exactly. The backlink that the competitor holds for skyrocketing his/her blog could be possibly stolen with this technique.

The online software and tools such as SEOprofiler, Semrush, Ahref and more have the ability to transparently show you the backlinks of your competitors. This helps you do the same by obtaining the relevant backlinks from your competitor’s source very easily.

The spying process of your competitor could be done as well with this technique. This helps you track your competitor’s growth and find the best growth hacks in very short span. To access the above tools, you’ll need to have the membership indeed. So, competitor’s backlink analysis would make you find the relevant way in the Link Building Tactics. After finding out the backlink spot, you can make a comment on the relevant blogs that your competitors have done earlier.

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4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a Social Media Platform majorly used for networking and shares the visual contents globally. This site is very helpful in obtaining the relevant blogs in a very quick time. The people love to pin their lovable blogs based on particular topics on a board. This type of board paves the way for finding the awesome relevant niche blogs effectively.

If you’re about to comment on your similar niche blogs for gaining the backlink exposure, you could check out Pinterest without any hassle. Just search for the Niche that you’re interested and then find thousands of awesome results for your Niches.

The blogs that you obtained would be of high-quality and you’ll find the best way to build the backlinks. Apart from backlinks, you’ll probably find good people related to your niche as well.

5. Blog Submission Websites

The Blog Submission Website is the one which contains tons of manually verified blogs categorized based on topics. This categorized type of blogosphere is one of the best places for finding high-quality relevant Niche Blogs. Some of the famous websites that allow you find relevant niche blogs are Blog Engage, Blog Adda, Indiblogger, Blogmint, All Top, Blog Flux and so on.

These sites would make your site gain a backlink once your weblog gets approved by the team. Afterward, you could find your desired relevant niche blogs with the help of Search Option. This is one of the best ways to find the relevant blog for commenting and collaborating with the fellow bloggers’ blog section.


Thus, you’ve found the 5 best practical ways to reach the relevant niche blogs for commenting purpose.The backlink process would be enhanced if you does the commenting tactics on the relevant blog. The relationship with the fellow bloggers could be strengthened and this will ultimately pave the way for collaboration. The blogosphere networking could be attained with this type of backlinking process which you’ll undergo the outreaching process. Finally, I hope that the above link building process solves your query for finding the relevant blog via this Blog Post.

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Interesting article with some great ideas.

Great ideas! Backlinks are so important. Nice to see all the ways to find related niche blogs for commenting. It differs per niche how easy it is to find similar blogs. Sometimes it’s quite difficult. So these tips are great!

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Thanks for your tips.The first tip is really effective and I really got benefited from using that.

my site is just a new one. Not much traffic. I have created my profile with my site link but why I cannot see these backlinks when I use online backlink checker. For example, youtube, facebook, twitter even pinterest. I see my site url in all those profiles, but no any backlink checker tools show them. strange, Anyone explains why? thanks

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