5 Excellent Free Domain Authority Checker Tools

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( 5 Best Free Domain Authority Checker Tools )

Everyone keeps talking about the Domain Authority these days. Just In case If you haven’t heard of this highly important term, here is the simple definition of Domain Authority.

Domain Authority is a grade or score ( Ranges from 0-100 ) that estimates the possibility for a website to rank on Google and other Search Engines.

Domain Authority is a Web metric developed by Moz.

A Website with high Domain Authority has the high ability to rank well on Search Engines.

Many bloggers and site owners are often confused between Domain Authority and Page Authority. Although, they both are different.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

Domain Authority estimates the strength of entire Website Whereas Page authority predicts the ability of an individual page.

What I’ve found is that there are many bloggers and webmasters who don’t check their DA or don’t even know about their site’s DA score. Many Beginners are not aware of the DA checker tools that are free. So, In this post, I’ve put a list of 5 Excellent Free Domain Authority Checker Tools. These free Domain Authority Checker Tools will help you check your Website’s Domain Authority. Once you know your DA, you can move further and increase it by improving your site’s overall SEO.

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5 Best Free Domain Authority Checker Tools :

  1. Open Site Explorer
  2. Website Authority Checker – SEO Review Tools

  3. Bulk DA Checker

  4. Bulk DA, PA & IP Checker – SEOWEATHER

  5. Domain Authority Checker – Small SEO Tools

1. Open Site Explorer

Free Domain Authority Checker Tools

Open Site Explorer is an amazing free tool developed by MOZ. It is one of the most important SEO tools that you must use. Open Site Explorer allows you to check your website’s Domain Authority and Page Authority with ease.

Open Site Explorer provides you detailed information about your site’s link profile. One of the very helpful features is that you can see inbound links to your page, subdomain, or root domain. There is a limitation for guest users, they are allowed only three reports per day. If you want to get unlimited reports then you will have to sign up for free Moz account.

Moz Pro account holders get unlimited reports and access to other amazing metrics. You can start free 30-day trial but later on, you will have to pay to access the Moz Pro Account.

Don’t worry in the beginning you won’t be needing any paid tool services or tools. Even I use free Moz Account and Works great for my site. You can compare link metrics for up to five URLs, check your DA and PA, Inbound links and the root domain linking to your site. What else you want ?

Go and give a try to this Amazing tool.

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2. Website Authority Checker – SEO Review Tools

Free Domain Authority Checker Tools

Website Authority Checker by SEO Review Tools is an excellent free tool that allows you to check the Domain Authority and Page Authority. Website Authority Checker tool is a very easy to use and completely free.You can use this tool without any limitations.

This is one of best Domain Authority Checker tool because it allows you to check DA , PA, and Social share altogether. This tool also lets you know about your URL age and Website age along with External links pointing to your domain and page.

Website Authority Checker uses Mozscape API to generate the results. The result can be successfully exported in .csv format.

SEOReviewTools.com offers many other great free SEO Tools.

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3. Bulk DA Checker


Bulk DA checker is a hassle free Domain Authority checker tool. This tool support URLs up to 25 at a time that means you can check domain authority of 25 domains together in the single go. This will save a lot of time if you want to check Domain Authority of more than one website.

No user sign up is required and it is very easy to use. To use this tool, just enter the URLs ( One URL per line ) and click on the Find DA button. You can also download the CSV file for your records or checks.

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4. Bulk DA, PA & IP Checker – SEOWEATHER


This tool is free that allows users to check Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Page Rank (PR), and IP address of many domains at Once. You just have to Enter your list of URL’s and click go fetch. You can also download the data by clicking export to Excel.

Note : Enter one URL per line.

When you want to check the Domain Authority of more than one domain then bulk DA checker tools may be more helpful. And for this, Bulk DA, PA & IP Checker is best solution. This tool is CAPTCHA free.

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5. Domain Authority Checker – Small SEO Tools

Free Domain Authority Checker Tools

Domain Authority Checker by small SEO Tools is another free and great tool which allows users to check domain authority of up to 10 domains at a time. The Domain Authority Checker is a powerful tool which is very simple and totally free.

Results generated by this tool is very simple no other details are listed other than the Domain & Page Authority ( You can see in the Screenshot ). So, if you just want to check your DA or PA then you can make use of this free tool.

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All tools listed above are free and very easy to use. I would recommend you all to use Open Site Explorer as it is updated regularly. If you do not take this website metric seriously then you should take it seriously because DA is a score that helps your Website to rank well on Google for specific keywords.

DA can change. It is not fixed and may vary with your Website’s performance. To improve your DA, Publish quality content and do not build low-quality links. DA is basically your site’s strength and which can be increased only when your site’s overall SEO is good.

Which Free Domain Authority Checker Tools you use to check your website’s Domain Authority ? Let’s know in the comments.

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Last updated: April 29, 2017

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Great Post, I like the second one, seoreview tool. it is one of the best according to me.

Mine too bro.

Bheru Lal Gaderi

Hey bro good information about domain authority I like Moz and small SEO tool thanks

You are most welcome.

Hey Satyansh,

Domain authority is one the metrics to measure the value of a blog. The age factor and many other things including the backlinks affect the DA.

Most the links linking to your site, the more would be the domain authority. Moz has added this quite a nice field after PR.


You are absolutely Right.

Yes, I totally agree with your opinion. Excellent points you have mentioned now I can know how I can increase my Blog’s DA. You are unquestionably right. Domain Authority is an overall website’s SEO score. Many webmaster SEO people do more wrong than good to their domain by spending for cheap links on Tumblr and other freelance sites.

In short, CONTENT IS KING, and then I would like to add an extension to that; TRAFFIC means royalty for the king. Smart SEO people and developers create a new site, produced high quality of content and distribute it into social medias, and after one week, their content went viral really fast, their sites have ranked up to #1 Google for Long Tail Keyword. Moreover, I think that having high-quality backlinks is the most important factor that makes a great impact on DA. Of course, there are loads of other factors that affect SEO; however, HQ backlinks are absolutely essential for a good DA level.

Anyways, thank you very much! I bookmarked this post to be very valuable!

That’s amazing Vrisha. You just mentioned all noticeable points that will definitely help us in improving DA. Keep visiting.


Thanks for your efforts this post motivates me towards my goals. I really admire your work and i hope in future i will return for more info. like this one.

All the best for your future.
Keep visiting.

Hello, Satyansh!

Actually, I only check Moz’s Open Site Explorer to find the DA and PA of the sites.

I checked some more out of this list but they all get results from Moz, right? 🙂

Thank you for introducing these tools with us!

~ Adeel

Yes Sir.
You are absolutely right. But open site explorer gives you limited no of attempts.

Satyansh This is really helpful and Informative article. Love the way you shared the 5 fantastic tools. Keep write articles like this. 3nions going rocking nowadays 🙂

Thanks Sameer.
It’s beginning. There are lot more to come from our side.

Those are great tools,most of them are new to me,for me i always use those tools from smallseotools website and some times the tool from moze.Thank you for sharing

Inhouz Decor

Very Good Writing It is Realy useful Our Website

This is a grate post …. Thanks for this post … 😀

Hello Satyansh,

I like Open Site Explorer and SmallSEOTools easy to use and very reliable.

I will bookmark your post. Thank you.

what is the use of checking domain authority?? will it help us to rank in search engines??

These are great tools to improve your seo. Thanks

Thank you for sharing this information. I find them very useful and i will use to grow up my website.

Great post! Really you have included the best domain authority checker tools to measure the metrics, I would also like to add checkmoz a great SEO tool to check upto100 results at one time.

akshaykumar rokade

These what i looking for. sir i have a question i just created an site where i upload blog on dally bases. How much time it take to score good DA?. And plz provide list of tool which are good PR cheeking . Thanks in advance sir

Great article Man.

I use the Moz SEO tool to check my DA and I was surprised when I saw a score of 88/100. Even though I’m happy about this, I noticed there is no points on the Page Authority and interlink. Please what might be the reason behind this? Thanks.

PS: My blog is around a year old and it’s still under blogspot.

I like Moz and small SEO tool thanks for the info though

Hello Satyansh,
i have been using Open Site Explorer for the past 11 months and its one of the best tools for DA checker.

Very surprised that I had never heard of most of these tools, especially the ones you dont even need to sign up for. Great post! Ill be sharing this with my FB group! Cheers!

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