5 White hat SEO techniques to boost Website Google Rankings [infographic]

Google algorithm evolves various changes and to keep your site ranking unaffected; you need to follow serious white hat SEO techniques.

Surely, you don’t want to have such problem that could be a hindrance towards the success of your business. If you ignore these problems, then everything will fall into bigger problems.

A good theme and some must have WordPress plugins are always good to optimize your website.

But remember that if you are facing some traffic to your site, then you should do something. You need some tactics to overcome such problems.

If you want some strategies to boost Website Google Rankings, then these white hat SEO will help you.

Find time to know these White Hat SEO techniques by reading more this article.

5 Effective White Hat SEO Techniques

Here are some of the white hat SEO that will give a significant impact on your site. It will surely help you in so many ways. Those concerns you will meet along the way will be eradicated because of the techniques that you can use which has quality features.

1. Mobile Friendly.

Google gives priority to mobile users, and if your website’s page is not mobile friendly, it will affect your search rankings. To cross-check whether your website pages are mobile-friendly or not login to Google Search Console account and view Mobile Usability Report. Google reports mobile issues there, and you can take appropriate action for them.

For better results, you can use Accelerated Mobile Pages on your website. AMP instantly loads your site pages on a mobile device which is a good sign for users.

If you want to implement AMP on your WordPress blog, watch the video below.

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2. Keyword Research.

Keyword research is the most crucial thing when it comes to ranking. However, Google provides less data for keyword research, but tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz can provide you better insights about keywords.

Finding right keyword is important just make sure you don’t overstuff the keywords on your website’s posts or pages.

With the above tools, you can also find the keywords that your competitors are targeting for better SERPs results.

3. User Experience.

Google always encourage webmasters to give priority to their users and provide good user experience. Google algorithm is smart enough to identify websites which provide good user experience and which doesn’t.

Once you have given importance to your users, it will be easy for you to handle the possible problems that will come in your business. You can quickly check it out and start to look for alternatives to solve it.

4. Better Content Marketing Plan.

Having a better content marketing plan with all keywords research and content ideas will help you to increase your rankings. You can use keyword research tools and make a list of targeted keywords for your website.

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You can scout the social media platforms and have an in-depth research of queries asked by users, relate it to your product and start publishing content on it.

55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search for their queries. So, if your content has the solution to user’s questions, you will get the traffic from Google.

5. Website Optimization.

Make sure that you have a good audit of your website regarding site optimization. You mainly need to focus on these key areas to have a better optimization:

Content Issues: To have better SERP rankings, make sure that your site’s pages have relevant content, i.e. not too short not too long. Keep your pages safe from spam content so that it won’t get penalized by search engine spiders.

Optimization Issues: Having proper titles and meta descriptions of correct character count will comply to search engine rules. This will help you to better optimize your site pages. Make sure that meta descriptions are of 155-165 words long while title’s length should be of 55-65 words.

Technical Issues: Website loading speed is a crucial factor when it comes to site optimization. Make sure your site loads quickly so that it provides better user experience when they browse your site on a laptop, mobile, tablets, etc.

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Final Thoughts!

There are various tips and tricks that you can follow to increase your site authority in less time. But those tricks are not safe as they may ban your site on Google. Mainly that short process of ranking the site is termed as Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO is always safe and gives you results for the long term.

I am sure if you focus on the techniques mentioned above, it will help you a lot. The higher the rank, the more possibility of the success of your business.  If you want to have a profitable online business, then you should have these strategies to achieve it.

Do let me know what other white hat strategies you follow to increase your site’s ranking.

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  1. Thanks for these 5 basic White Hat techniques. The thing we fail to acknowledge is that these strategies have always worked (except for being mobile friendly, which is a relatively recent development).

    The error we make is trying to cheat the system and get Google to love our web site more than it should. In the end, we pay the price, as Google always seems to get us for Black Hat techniques. The problem for us is, sometimes the scars from Google’s punishment of Balck Hat SEO are permanent, and often we will never be able to recover.

    Bottomline, let’s play by the rules and we will never get punished. Thanks for highlighting these strategies.

  2. I’m in the process of auditing my site now. I think it’s necessary to perodically check your site for issues that might hinder ranking. Google is certainly king. But they do help you a lot in webmaster tools. I haven’t learnt everything but I’ve learnt a lot over the last year.

  3. Love the graphic. Great tips, actually one of the first things I learned when I started was basic SEO. I think most bloggers especially think it’s harder than it is and feel overwhelmed. Great post.

  4. thanks for the tips, have heard alot about white hat and am glad you did justice to it by this post, yours is more detailing and well explained too. thanks alot.

  5. I took a break from blogging for a while, my blog was decently successful, but when I walked away the backwards vision of 20/20 set in and I realized all the things I could have done to grow it more, such as social media, and content management. Coming back I have done so much, but I have found the task far less and enjoyable and far more overwhelming some days. BUt then I look at the results, and most days I feel, “well it was worth it”.

  6. Great infographic! These rules are very important. So many people use their mobile to visit websites nowaday. Really, every website should be optimized for mobile! I really like responsive websites. I love doing keyword research. It always inspires me!


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