5 best karaoke Apps for Android 2018 to Sing your favorite songs

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“5 Best karaoke Apps for Android”

You can not refuse to accept, a part of you likes singing. We all sing if not regularly but sometimes we all do. Whenever we listen to our favorite songs, we lost ourselves in them. Some of us are shy, we don’t sing when someone is around but when we are alone, We are Rock Stars of our own world. 5 best karaoke Apps for Android.

If you have an android device then you can easily record karaoke for free and share it with the world. Just think about it !!! You don’t even need the best music setup to attract the audience. No guitar, no musical instruments or any software that will cost you thousands of dollars.

 Now, you can sing a song from your favorite Artists like Sia, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and many more using these karaoke apps.

Here are the 5 best karaoke Apps for Android users:

  • Sing! Karaoke by Smule
  • Karaoke Sing & Record
  • StarMaker
  • Red Karaoke Sing & Record
  • The Voice: On Stage

1. Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Sing! Karaoke by Smule is the most popular app for singing your favorite karaoke songs. You can sing solo, with your friends or with singers around the world, it’s all up to you. Millions of new and old songs are available for free. There are different audio effects to make you sound like a pop star.

5 best karaoke Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • Self-recording option with video.
  • Various Audio effects.
  • Share your karaoke with anyone you want.
  • You can have a duet with various pop artists.


2. Karaoke Sing & Record

Karaoke is one of the best free karaoke apps for Android that lets you sing karaoke along with your friends. There are millions of songs and music available to choose from. The app has special audio and video effects to make your karaoke songs more appealing and entertaining.

5 best karaoke Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • Sing: Sing your favorite songs from various artists. Sing in any language you want to sing.
  • Record: You can also record your vocals and can re-record as many times as you want.
  • Share: Once you are done with the recording part, you can share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or on WhatsApp.


3. StarMaker

Star Maker is an amazing free karaoke app that lets you collab with your friends and favorite artists. There are huge selection of special effects that can be used to edit the songs.

5 best karaoke Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • Record and edit songs.
  • Collaborate with your friends and favorite artists.
  • The Cutting-edge voice enhancement technology.
  • Make new friends from all around the world.

4. Red Karaoke Sing & Record

This is a free karaoke app that lets you sing and record songs on your smartphone. You can also record duets and add sound effects to each recordings to improve the quality.

5 best karaoke Apps for Android

Main features:

  • 100% compatible with Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.
  • Sing and record duets.
  • Sing any song you want choose from million hit songs, record and Share.


5. The Voice: On Stage

This app is also very popular when it comes to recording karaoke songs. You can collab with thounsands of users and with your favorite artists. The voice app offers variety of voice effects. If you are fan of The Voice TV show then you are gonna love this app.

5 best karaoke Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • Sing karaoke with Audio effects.
  • Record your music videos.
  • Share on social media with your friends.


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Last updated: October 22, 2018

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I love spending quality time on Social Networks. I manage All Social pages of 3nions. Also, I'm a Co-founder and Marketing Head of illustrake.


Pravin Nath

Hey nice list Mihir, am going to try it.

Mihir gadhvi

Keep Visiting and thanks for the appreciation. 🙂

King Sing Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Dear Mihir,

This is to ask you that we are from Gaao team which is one the top 10 karaoke app in music & audio category in Google Playstore and wanted to share our app news on your website as its very popular.

So, may i know the process how can we proceed further.

Hope to get a reply soon.

Thanks and Regards
[email protected]

Mihir gadhvi

will shortly send you the details

good man but the sound of track is not clear and would you mind to tell me the best name of android application to have music karaoke ??

Sing karaoke by Smule is the best app according to me . Btw thanks for interaction

But does it have Hindi songs

Most of them support hindi .you may like his app http://www.3nions.com/gaao/
This is the best Hindi karaoke app available

This list is definitely better than all the other karaoke app lists out there. Great work, Mihir

thanks for your kind words

Great List Mihir !! I love the Smule app myself.

Yep Smule is Awesome.

Hi! I have an Android and have problems with smule. I can’t hear myself while singing. Is that only me with that problem? Sorry for my bad English. I’m Swedish.

Most of the users have complained about this problem.
Smule officials has once declared,
Upcoming (September):
Introducing live monitoring- you will be able to hear yourself while singing!
Now it’s January and still people are complaining about this very issue.

Thanks a lot Mihir for such nice help. I was really needing help in it. Thanks man. 🙂✌✌

Glad to hear that MD. Zaid Khan

I like only gaao app plz restart gaao app

Gaao team is working on it. Lets hope for the best

Is any problem occurred to gaao aap because its not working from few days back . it always shows network has been optimised or unstable so try again . I can’t login to account . do you have any idea about ??

This is an issue going on the team is working on it let hope for the best till then you may use – Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Dear Mihir,

I have been using Gaao app since long, & since almost a month now its not responding, dont know whts the problem.

Its the Best Karaoke app ever.

Kindly let us know by when it will start.

Awaiting for your reply.

Actually, they are facing technical issue so they are down. Let’s hope for the best. You can Use karaoke by smule.

But the smule app has problems regarding registration after a month. My debit card got declined a multiple number of times and therefore havn’t been able to keep my VIP account.

Mihir Gadhvi

Hello Shakti ,
I think you should contact support
Here is the email [email protected] .
I’m sure they will definitely help you out

how to free VIP pass in sumile app

mihir gadhvi

For being a VIP member on smule app you can perform the following steps:)

1-Visit Smule.com – Connecting the world through music and click on “Get VIP.”

2- Then, follow the instructions, submit your payment information, and confirm your subscription.

HI, there is this app called sing plus it’s awesome please make a review about it

Thanks for the suggestion

Hi Mihir, my question id does smule app allow you convert the recording in MP3 format without logo of smule attached to it ?

Hello bro, thank you for the wonderful list, I’ll check into it and feedback you

I think this is still the best smule application in my opinion

Yes smule is easy and fast

You have made my task so easy. Thanks.

Which is the best for telugu

Hi all please suggest which low ranges Mike I can buy for Smule.

I had installed Smule but sadly it asks for the monthly/yearly payment for singing solo or duet. As of now it offers only Collab singing, that I avoid to prefer. So I had to uninstall.

Where do you stay? I belong to Ahmedabad. 🙂

I am as of now on Starmaker. But sometimes disappointing due to unavailability of the songs I look for be it Bangla, Marathi or Hindi or even Gujarati

yes that’s an issue I have suggested it to all apps

Rockit karaoke is also good(iOS / Android). It allows playback of karaoke songs on Chromecast, Apple TV, and Bluetooth devices.

christopher junior

#star maker and sargam are the best

Dear Friends,
I have an amateur interest in karaoke singing in hindi & bengali songs. I have tried on yokee, smule, starmaker etc. they are quite good, as I sing with their background music. However Im often unable to get it recorded. May be that they allow it against payment.
I have some queries… 1.can the background music (from the app) be played on big speakers as I sing in a bluetooth microphone? Im planning to buy a mic from flipkart or amazon. 2. I feel ‘suffocated’ on earphone and wish to sing WITHOUT IT, is it possible? Thanks & Regards

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