5 Best App Locks For Android Users

Nowadays, having security in life is as important as oxygen for a living. Then why should your smartphone be left behind from getting security? As there are many apps in a smartphone which you want to keep safe and secure from nosy people. Although there are screen locks for this purpose. But having a double layer of security does no harm. App locks are simply lightweight apps that prevent access to your other apps without a password. Be it banking apps, messaging apps, or other important information that you need to protect from people snooping on your phone. App lock applications get you cover with this. So, don’t compromise your private data and make them secure with these 5 Best App Locks For Android Users.

Best App Locks For Android:

  • Vault
  • Applock
  • Applock by DO Mobile
  • Lockit
  • DU Antivirus Security

1. Vault

Vault is a security app that is trusted by more than 100 million people worldwide. It hides your gallery, protects your SMS, calls log, and contacts. Also, Vault informs you about an incoming spam call to secure you even better. It gives you break-in alerts and snaps a picture when someone attempts to unlock your apps with the wrong password. With many such reliable features and tools, Vault is one of the best apps for your mobile security.

Best App Locks For Android

Main Features:

  1. Multiple vault and fake vault.
  2. Password recovery.
  3. Cloud back up.
  4. Stealth mode.

2. Applock

With Applock protect your apps with a password, pattern or fingerprint. And if someone still tries to unlock, then Applock will snap a picture of the person and send it to your email. Also, not just apps, Applock can ensure the security of your whole phone with a home screen lock. It is a lightweight security app which supports 31 languages and incredible features that will make your phone as well as apps more secure and sound.

Best App Locks For Android

Main Features:

  1. Multiple Passwords.
  2. Remote lock.
  3. Notifications lock.
  4. Scalable pattern.

3. Applock by DO Mobile

Be it your social media, SMS, contacts, Gmail or any app you choose, prevent it from unauthorizes access with Applock. Hide photos and videos from your gallery which will only be visible in the vault. Keep your apps locked with password, pattern or fingerprint or set auto lock according to time and location and much more. So, have advanced protection and a ton of convenient features with Applock by DO Mobile.

Best App Locks For Android

Main Features:

  1. Random keyword.
  2. Lock switch.
  3. Customized profiles.
  4. Intruder selfie.
  5. Well designed themes.

4. Lockit

Lockit is a security app that provides overall privacy protection to almost every app on your smartphone. It is the best solution for all your security worries so that you can keep your data and privacy in your control. Use fingerprint, pin, pattern or password to secure your mobile. Also, keep safe your private photos and videos in a vault which will be visible to you. Lock apps, incoming calls or even games from Play Store so that no one downloads anything without informing.

Best App Locks For Android

Main Features:

  1. Fake cover.
  2. Lock systems.
  3. Notification bar.
  4. Hide pattern draw path.

5. DU Antivirus Security

DU Antivirus Security as the name suggests is a 100% free antivirus and mobile security solution for Andriod. Keep nosy people out of your phone with privacy encryption. And, hide your personal photos and videos or other vulnerable information in a file locker. Prevent unauthorized access from your social media apps, or any other applications you choose including games. With its reliable features, DU Antivirus Security will guard the privacy of your smartphone safely and securely.

Best App Locks For Android

Main Features:

  1. Lock your app with password & pattern lock.
  2. Find out any thief breaking into your phone.
  3. Unwanted calls blocking.

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