The Importance of Keyword in Search Engine Optimization

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( The Importance of Keyword in Search Engine Optimization )

Keywords are very important part of Search Engine Optimization campaign.

Choosing the right keywords to optimize your blog is a first successful step to SEO campaign. This is a very crucial step and you should choose powerful keywords to describe your blog posts.

If you are a beginner then this post can be very useful and it will help you to know,  the importance of keyword in Search Engine Optimization and Keyword placement.

So let’s start with the simple Definition, “Keywords are the words or phrases typed by users into Search Box of Google or other Search Engines to find those contents which will match their requirement”.

Search Engines are our best friends because they have the solution to every question.

No matter what kind of website you own whether it is e-commerce, fashion blog or anything, Keywords are equally important for all kind of websites. You may have noticed that some of your posts are not getting high traffic, do you know why ? Because the searches for those terms are less.

This image may help you to understand what I am saying :

Screenshot (261)

As you can see, Only 10 searches in April. If you would write an article on such topic, you can not expect high traffic, even if you hold the first position in Search Results for such keywords.

There are basically two types of Keywords :

  • Short tail keywords – Mostly comprises of few words for example Best hotels, SEO services, etc.
  • Long tail Keywords – They are bigger in size meaning they have more than 3 or 4 words for example : How to make a website ? , Best SEO company in India, etc.

You can easily get high ranking for long tail keywords in search results because the competition is quite low as compared to short tail keywords. In this highly competitive market, short tail keywords are less profitable.

The Importance of Keyword in Search Engine Optimization

Till now, We have discussed basics of Keywords. Now let’s talk about the importance of Keyword in Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a great a way to bring unique and natural traffic to your website through Search. There are many competitors who use premium features and invest a lot of money to get high ranking in Search results. But let’s do not forget that they too do SEO and Search Engines are not for sale, you can’t buy the position in search results.

Keyword stuffing i.e. unnecessary use of keywords may down your site’s ranking in Search. I would recommend you, do not place your keywords everywhere just to increase the keyword density.

Google has made it clear that they will penalize a site which is making use of wrong techniques. Keywords are very important for SEO but you should have a great planning.

1. Choosing perfect Keywords

This is a first and very crucial step in SEO campaign. Using relevant keywords in your content is mandatory otherwise, readers will land on your site and leave when there won’t be something matching their need. This will affect your bounce rate as well.

I would suggest, choose the keywords and then write your blog posts because it would be much easier then.

To get the Keyword ideas you can use the following tools :

Google AdWord Keyword Planner

This is one of the best free tool available for getting better keyword ideas. You can login to Google AdWord Keyword Planner for free keyword ideas using your regular google account.

The Importance of Keyword in Search Engine Optimization

In this picture, you can see the Average Monthly Searches if there are millions or thousands of searches for any keyword that means the keyword is very powerful and you can use such keywords to describe your post but make sure that the competition is low. Always use keywords that describe your post otherwise you will never get the benefit of using it.

Lots of people say this tool is not much effective but I don’t believe because I have always used this tool and never got disappointment.

You can use Google instant Search

The Importance of Keyword in Search Engine Optimization

You can make use of Google instant search for quick keyword ideas. Google suggests some search query automatically when you type something in the search box. You can pick keywords from here and can also check monthly searches using Keyword planner tool. The Importance of Keyword in Search Engine Optimization.

Some of the keyword tools you can use are :

  • SEMRUSH ( Many big websites use this tool but it doesn’t offer free service. You can try trial version for some days)
  • Keyword Tool ( Can be used as an alternative to Google keyword planner)

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Once you have finished with your keyword research, the real Game begins. Google has made it clear that No longer they consider meta keywords while ranking. This doesn’t mean that Keywords are of no use.

Many bloggers quit blogging because they don’t see any improvement in their web traffic. For success you need patience, it takes year or two years or more than that to build a good website that will earn lakhs of rupees (dollars) per month.

2. Keyword Density

After selecting a proper keyword that describes your content, the next step is increasing Keyword Density. But the Keyword density should not be more than 2%, I always try to keep in between 0.75 to 1.75%. You can also use LSI keywords i.e. the synonyms. For example – You can use Picture instead of Image.

Avoid keyword stuffing. Sometimes to increase the keyword density we add keyword anywhere. This is a wrong practice and may harm your site’s ranking in Search results.

3. Keyword placement

Once you are finished with keyword research, your next job is placing your keyword at special places to increase your blog value.

1. Keywords in Page titles

If possible always start your page titles with Keywords and if not then make sure your title contains your keyword.

Your page titles should be Keyword rich and should not exceed 65 characters. Page titles appear in Search Snippet. Search Engines will give preference to those sites which have Keywords in their page titles.

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2. Keywords in permalinks

Permalinks tell a lot about your post. It is better to put your focus keyword in permalinks, that will make it more Search Engine friendly.

3. Keywords in First Paragraph

Try to place your keyword in the first paragraph without harming readability. This will increase keyword density of your blog post.

4. Keywords in Meta Descriptions

Meta description should be relevant and also keyword rich. In meta description, try to explain your whole post in 150 characters. This will attract more visitors.

5. Keywords in ALT text

Image optimization is very important, especially it will drive more traffic to your site through Google Image Search.

Add your focus keyword in ALT text of the images that you use in your blog post. This will boost your score.

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That’s all. I guess now you all know the Importance of keyword in Search Engine Optimization. If you have any question, You know I am your friend.

Write your questions in Comments. If you liked this post then share it on facebook and twitter with your friends.

The Importance of Keyword in Search Engine Optimization.

Last updated: June 21, 2016

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