Subdomains Vs Subdirectories : SEO guide for beginners

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Subdomains and Subdirectories are two different things but i have seen people asking the difference between them and which is more important from SEO point of View ? That is why i took a decision to write on this topic. In this post “Subdomains Vs Subdirectories” we are going to discuss everything(importance, difference, example, etc) in detail.


Frankly speaking, Subdirectory is good option for any beginner because it is pretty easy job to put your content in a folder. I am not saying subdomain is of no use of course it is but if you know how to create and manage one then only Go for subdomain. Now lets see :

What is Subdomain ?

Subdomain is another site with different content but with the same domain name. Actually you can say it as Child of larger domain name(i.e. yoursitename) because it is part of your domain name.

Example :

What is Subdirectory or Subfolder ?

A folder or a directory within the another directory is called Subdirectory or Subfolder. Every folder except the main folder or say root folder is Subfolder.

Example :

Both of them are useful but subdirectory is always a good idea. Everyone thinks different that is why debate happens. If you are offering different post contents belonging to same topic for example : SEO you need not to make subdomain because subdomain is bit difficult and requires some technical knowledge.

When Subdirectories are convenient and when Subdomains are convenient?

pic source :

pic source :

Let me tell you one thing Subdomains are considered as different site by Search Engines where Subdirectories are part of your original site which points to different pages of your site. Subdirectories make your URL structure more search friendly. When you have a website which covers only few major topics such as SEO, wordpress,etc. you need not to do anything because subfolder is good option for you. If you are planning something different umm.. you are planning an online shop then you can go for subdomain ( Something like => ).

Sometimes combination of Subdomain and subdirectory can be beneficial with respect to search engine marketing. Both can be good but if they are used properly. I prefer sub-directories because they are easy to manage and doesn’t require technical knowledge.

Quick Points : 

  • Subdomains are considered as separate websites where Subfolders or subdirectories are part of same website.
  • If you are a beginner go for subdirectory.
  • Creating Subdomain requires little knowledge of technical stuffs.
  • Example of Subdomain :
  • Example of Subdirectory :

Subdomains Vs Subdirectories

Last updated: February 26, 2016

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