Protect your WordPress website from getting hacked

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Protect your WordPress website from getting hacked

How threatening and stressful situation it is when you can’t able to login to the admin panel of your website.  How hard it is, that your every writing, every blog, every work belong now to someone else. Quiet horrifying !! 🙁


Protect your WordPress website from getting hacked

As far as you own a cool & popular website, is it protected enough from getting hacked ? Not at all. You cannot stop hackers from hacking your website. The daily technical leaks have really threatened the bloggers. Even Google has been hacked several times. Be it a private pictures or messages, Usernames or passwords, Bank account details or secret governmental data – The hackers had made it possible to drudge it at every little niche.

You might be thinking that what it has to do with my dainty little blog…. Don’t worry that’s the usual human behavior 🙂 .

The reason behind this blog post is to inform you the precautions you should take to protect your website from getting hacked. I don’t want you all to face such problems that I’ve faced on my little IntroVenue.

Yes, My last website IntroVenue was hacked by someone. You actually cannot do anything when your website got hacked. But I had one chance as I’d purchased my domain and hosting from different providers. I’d purchased my domain from Bigrock & hosted it via GoDaddy. Hence I have my domain with me.

Protect your WordPress website from getting hacked

Don’t worry about it. It’s just a .png image to make this post SEO friendly. Hehe 😉

When a hacker got an access to your WordPress blog he can easily simplify the required credentials for your hosting account. So I’m going to show you how to protect your website from getting hacked by these simple precautions.

Purchase Domain & hosting from different providers.

This is the primary protection that only you can provide to your website. This safety measure I discovered when I got hacked. Proud of myself. 8)

The below quote suits well on me.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new

Yes, I tried this new thing, But recommend you all not to attempt the same mistake. Try to purchase the domain & hosting from different websites. It will be better for you. So that if your hosting account got hacked anyhow you’ll still have a chance to recreate it.

Enable your WordPress linked Gmail account with two-step verification.

The new generation hackers are incredible or you can say they are just like Mr. Robot. They can even hack Gmail very easily. You can enable it in My Account under the change password box.

Protect your WordPress website from getting hacked

The two-step verification helps to give an extra security to your Gmail. It sends 6 digit code to your mobile no. which you have to enter after entering the correct password for your account.

Use Google Authenticator WordPress plugin.


Protect your WordPress website from getting hacked

This WordPress plugin is very similar to the Google’s two-step verification. With the help of this plugin, one can easily create a huge firewall on their blog which any hacker can hardly break. Mini-orange Two-factor (Google Authenticator) sends a verification link to your email or mobile for logging into your WP dashboard.  After clicking on the accepted button, it will automatically redirect to your WordPress dashboard.


These are the three primary security measures you should take to prevent the hack attempts. Hackers usually guess the passwords hacking a password robotically or with the use of the software is not that easy deal. So I recommend you to keep your passwords long and complex. Use special characters such as @!#_

Also, check my this post of  best security plugins for WordPress.

I will update this post with more complex security measures to mystify the hackers. So, happy blogging and check back soon….  🙂

Protect your WordPress website from getting hacked

Protect your WordPress website from getting hacked

Last updated: June 24, 2016

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