How to Optimize Images For Search Engines on WordPress ?

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( Optimize Images For Search Engines )

We all optimize our blog posts for Search Engines but do we optimize images that we use in our blog posts ? No, there are many blog owners who still don’t optimize their images for Search Engines.

As you already know that Search Engine Optimization is the best way to attract organic traffic through search. You will have to Optimize your images if you want to increase traffic from Google image search.

When you don’t optimize your images for SEO, You get a red signal during Content Analysis in Yoast SEO. Using an image just to get the green bullet is a very bad idea. You should use an image to make your topic more clear to your readers and not just for SEO purpose.

Should I use Images in blog posts ?

The answer is Yes, You should always use images in every blog post you write. You may have heard this, ‘A Picture is worth a thousand words’. Sometimes, Only words make your blog post little boring meanwhile less attractive even if you have written a nice and well informative post. Images make your blog post more intense and also have strength to improve your post value as well as SEO. It will help you to bring more traffic to your site through Google Image search.

If you use Yoast SEO on your blog for doing SEO like I do then you may have seen in the content analysis that when we don’t use any image we get a red bullet and when we use we still get red bullet if we don’t optimize our images. To get the green you will have to place your focus keyword inside the Alt text box.

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In this post, I am going to share 5 best ways that you should follow if you want to completely Optimize Images For Search Engines.

Let’s get started : ( Optimize Images For Search Engines ).

Use A Right Image

The Right image means an image related to the subject of your blog post. It is a primary requirement for every blog post that the images used in between the texts should reflect the topic of your post.

Unrelated images are of no use because they will eat your site’s loading speed and won’t add any value. You should use an image if it’s royalty free, do not use copyrighted image and if you ever use copyrighted image, always mention the source. There are many places where can get royalty free images for your blog posts.

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At 3nions, All images we create by our own using Photoshop or Illustrator.

Image Size

Optimize Images For Search Engines

Loading speed is an important ranking factor for getting high ranking in search results. Large file size will surely decrease loading speed of your website.

Always choose an image which is small in size. Decreasing size through WordPress will not help you at all. You should reduce the size before uploading it on WordPress but If you have used it with its actual size then you can also compress your images using Compress JPEG & PNG images — WordPress Plugin. Generally, Images should be in KBs not in MBs because they will take more time to load than your text.

I would suggest you to use an Image which is not more than 1000 pixels. You can Enable GZIP compression which is the best way to speed up your existing WordPress site. Read how to do it :

Quick tip : Use common Image formats only. JPEG, PNG, GIF are the examples of common formats, almost every browser supports these formats.

Title/File Name

Optimize Images For Search Engines

Before uploading an Image, do not forget to name it correctly, the name it deserves and not like 0131323.jpg or fffgfgg.png . You can also change your file name even if you have uploaded it on WordPress.

Assigning a proper name to images will help you to find them easily on WordPress . They are not very important from SEO aspect but still you should give Images an accurate name. For example; If your image has a black hat in it then it would be better to name it as Blackhat.jpg.

Keyword Rich Alt Text

Alternative text should be Keyword rich but keyword stuffing should be avoided. It is most important factor in Image Optimization which helps you to improve your SEO score.

Search Engine bots can not see your Images but they use Alt text instead to read them. Additionally, Alt text appears when you hover an Image.

Alt text should be descriptive, Keyword rich and related to your Blog post.

Add Images to XML Sitemaps

Optimize Images For Search Engines

You can inform Google about all the images on your website by Adding Media files ( Images and other attachments ) to your XML sitemaps. It will make easier for Google to index your images.

Read :

You can include Media files in sitemap using Yoast SEO just click on the In sitemap button and save changes.

Captions and Descriptions

They are not important from SEO point of view but they can be useful for other purposes. You may have noticed, sometimes people add Image source in the captions.

The description can be used for adding some extra detail but most of the people keep it blank.

The caption can be really useful if you want to tell readers about your image. For example, In newspaper captions help us to know the guy standing next to someone ( From left to right : XYZ, ABC, 123 ).

I hope this post would help you to Optimize Images For Search Engines and will bring more traffic to your site through Search.

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( Optimize Images For Search Engines )

Last updated: June 21, 2016

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Satyansh Tiwari is the co-founder of 3nions and currently an Electrical Engineering Student. He is a blogger, writer, graphic designer and SEO enthusiast. When he is free, he loves experiencing nature and traveling.

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