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As we all are aware of the fact that Mobile users are increasing regularly. The tremendous growth has been seen in the number of smartphone users in past few years which is remarkable and most of the users go online using their mobile phones. Mobile search is growing very faster than ever so if your site is not optimized for Search Engines do it fast. You might like : How to make WordPress website mobile friendly .  Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

In this post I will be covering all the important points about the Mobile SEO  and the best mobile SEO practices. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) seems very complicated process to a beginner but as soon as you spend some time searching the SEO , things become much easier for you to understand because SEO has simple rules. SEO is done to make your site Search Engine friendly and to show up your site in search results. Basically We do SEO so that we can help search engines to understand our site.

Best Mobile SEO Practices

If your site is optimized then its good but if not you are going lose many visitors. Here are the Best Mobile SEO Practices : –

1. Design of the Site

We see , there are many popular websites which are not mobile ready and they ruin the readers experience. Design of the site matters in this case because you can not have a same page look similar on Desktop, Mobile, laptop or tablet. It means there is no one fixed size we can set or choose for multiple devices and thus leaves us few options.

  • Use a Mobile friendly theme : There are lots of free and premium Mobile friendly themes available in the market. You can install a Mobile friendly theme which seems best option. A mobile friendly theme will have all the required features for example : It would adopt the text or image size automatically according to the device and will show you the best result on the mobile.
  • A separate mobile site : Making a separate mobile site requires some technical knowledge that’s why it is not a good option for some of us. A separate mobile site can be achieved like or
  • Use a Plugin ( for WordPress users only ) : To make your website mobile friendly you can use WPtouch Mobile Plugin and other plugins like this.
  • Put some codes ( CSS/HTML ) : This is great option but you need basic CSS and HTML knowledge. After putting the codes, it automatically moves the content into a mobile format when accessed from a mobile device and into desktop format when accessed from a desktop.

2. Page Speed

Mobile SEO

Page speed is important ranking factor for Search Engines. You can test speed of a site using Pingdom or Google’s Page speed insights. No one likes a slow website which takes much time to load. Also read : Making smartphone sites load fast.

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( Like Grant Gustin says My name is Barry Allen I am the fastest man Alive.. , You should say My site’s name is and it the fastest site alive…. Just for fun)

3. Don’t flood your site with Pop-ups

Pop-ups which cover the whole page are seriously annoying, i hate it you too hate it. Don’t use Pop-up ads either they are frustrating most of the time.

4. Avoid most common Mobile SEO mistakes

  • Redirects : Make sure your site is directing to same page when you open from Mobile device or desktop device to a link, it means the URL structure is same or not ? Wrong redirects are common problem when we deal with separate mobile site.
  • Do not use Flash : Most of the cellphone can’t play flash services, if you would use any flash service it might create a problem.
  • Do not use Big text or very small text : Text size should be kept of medium size neither very large nor too small. It should be visible and justified.

5. Use responsive Ads

If you want to display ads on your website do use responsive ads. As you can see the ads are displayed above the content and below the content in this post, they are responsive ads and they render automatically according to device. They make page less annoying and less frustrating.

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Mobile SEO

Last updated: May 3, 2016

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