How to lock your Pen drive without using any software

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Welcome to another tutorial. Today we will learn, How to lock your Pen drive without using any software.

People used to hide their files either with their family or friends. They download any flash locking software and install them on their PC which makes the PC slow. It is very time consuming to search the software and then downloading is even more time consuming process. Installation and then the setup takes even more time. Don’t waste your time on this type of software use Windows Bit locker which is more Easy and Fast.
Follow the steps to setup the bit locker to your pen drive.


  • Insert your pen drive to the computer in any one of the port.


  • Go to the My computer and spot your pen drive. Right click on it and click Turn on Bit Locker.

lock your Pen drive


  • A Bit Locker Drive encryption window will open. It will take few seconds to turning it on. After that it will ask you how to encrypt your pen drive, Select Password Encryption. Set a Strong password  (use @ ! # upper case – Special characters ).

lock your Pen drive


  • Click Next. Save the password recovery to any secret place in your HDD. After saving click Next.

lock your Pen drive


  • Choose the bullet of Encrypt the used disk space only as it is more faster and better. Click Next.

lock your Pen drive


  • The last and the Final step > Start Encrypting. Wait till the process completes.

lock your Pen drive
After the completion Remove you pen drive and insert it again. Try opening again, It will definitely ask to enter the password.
You can also Lock your Hard Disk Partitions using the same process.

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How to lock your Pen drive

Last updated: May 10, 2016

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