WordPress 4.5 : Amazing Update must read !

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install WordPress 4.5

WordPress 4.5 was released yesterday with a bunch of new features and updates. The name of the update is “Coleman” in honor of jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins. WordPress is updated with many useful features for bloggers including contribution to the mobile customizations.

Whats New ?

In this WordPress update there are many astonishing features which are applied to make the WordPress easy for the users. Firstly there is an outstanding update for making the WordPress editing more easy. Now you don’t have to go to the hyperlink window and add new links using the search form.

WordPress has made it more easy for the flexibility in the performance of WordPress users. According to this new WordPress update, interlinking has made more easy by just selecting the text and adding the link. You can see the detailed update given below.

  • Step 1 : Select the text.
  • Step 2 : Press >>  Shift + Alt + a
  • Step 3 : See the magic.

You will see an amazing pop-up to add links to your WordPress posts. Just paste the links for adding it. Or if you want to add an existing link or a post just type the name and title of the post, and the suggestions from your previously added posts will come up.

install WordPress 4.5

install WordPress 4.5

Using this feature of inline links of WordPress you can easily write a distraction free WordPress post. Still confused ? See the video given below. It completely explains that how to add links and dividers using new WordPress 4.5 update.



Another useful update in WordPress includes the formatting shortcuts in the Customization menu. (Appearance> Customize). Now you can see the your website according to the different widths of the devices. This will also help you to verify that whether your WordPress theme is mobile friendly or not. (Refer to the screenshot given below). Using either of this icon present in the bottom left of your Customize page, you can view your website for mobiles, tablets and desktops respectively.

install WordPress 4.5

install WordPress 4.5

There are many such useful updates to make the WordPress more easy like

  • Live Responsive previews
  • Custom Logos
  • Smart image Resizing
  • Selective refresh
  • Script loader improvements
  • Better embed Templates
  • JavaScript Library Updates


install WordPress 4.5

Screenshot : Responsive Live preview (for mobile) >> from customization options

How to install WordPress 4.5

Method 1 (Beginners)

  • Step 1 : Go to the official WordPress.org website.
  • Step 2 : Check for the latest WordPress version available on the homepage (By default WordPress will pop up about the WordPress 4.5 update with a Download Button). Refer to the screenshot below.
install WordPress 4.5

install WordPress 4.5

  • Step 3 : Download the file and upload it on your web-hosting account. (manually unzip the downloaded file and upload its contents in your public_html folder of your cpanel account)
  • Step 4 : Create the database and user (MySQL or PHPmyAdmin)
  • Step 5 : Run the WordPress installation. Give some time to complete the installation.
  • Step 6 : Visit wp-admin page and start setting up WordPress 4.5

Method 2 (for those who have WordPress pre-installed)

  • Step 1 : If you’re already a WordPress user and just want to update the WordPress version with the existing one.
  • Step 2 : Login in your WordPress dashboard. Hover on the ‘Dashboard’ menu (Left side bar) of your WordPress dashboard. Click on the updates to check the available WordPress updates. (As I’ve updated my WordPress hence its showing the reinstall button)
install WordPress 4.5

install WordPress 4.5

  • Step 3 : For those who have not installed yet, you have to click on the ‘update now’ or ‘update’ button. It takes 2-4 minutes to update. During the update your website will remain under construction by default. After the successful installation, your site will come back to normal with WordPress 4.5

install WordPress 4.5

install WordPress 4.5

Last updated: April 13, 2016

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Hi ! I'm Prakhar Shrivastav, currently a final year BSc student and a co-founder of 3nions. I love spending quality times on Web development, Graphic designing, and SEO.


after update to WordPress 4.5, my website stops working.
plz help
my website is http://www.HackAndTrick.com

I think now its cool …

This is really an amazing update. Thanks for sharing all these info related to wordpress 4.5.

Yes it is. Thanks for interacting! 🙂

How does your website load so fast? Mine takes around 9.80 seconds while yous takes 1.95. How? i tries the theme you use, but in vain. can you help me out.

Actually I have to write a post on this. But in short, use w3 total cache plugin for css and js compressions and remove the useless css or other j query strings. This will help your website to load faster and smoother on mobile devices as well as desktop devices. And use optimized images. Thats all I’ve done 🙂

Awesome Prakhar,
Will follow these tips to reduce the site’s load time. It would be great if you can write a post about this topic. It will help us.
Thanks in advance.

Glad you liked it.
I have recently covered a post on this topic. Here it is >> How to speed up your WordPress website.

I have never had a problem with WordPress updates until 4.5. Now I have no ability to switch between text and visual and there are no tools at the top of the writing box.

Basically I can’t generate posts any more on this website. Now I’m scared to update any of my other websites…so I haven’t.

I wonder if anyone else has seen this problem. Hopefully they come up with a new update VERY soon…or at least a fix.

Hey Brent,
I’m sorry that this happened to your website. But I think that downgrading the updates will be helpful and curing. This may help you.

Thanks Prakhar! I followed the protocol and it fixed my problem. =)

Your welcome Brent 🙂

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