How to increase Instagram followers

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How to increase Instagram followers

How to increase Instagram followers

Everyone wants to be popular in their circle. Posting cool images on Instagram and getting more likes is really awesome.  “More” is a human nature. Everyone wants more likes on their pics. Instagram is very trending network in this generation, which had gathered many youngsters and teenagers in it. Increasing Instagram followers is as simple as ABC.So today I’m gonna show you, how to increase Instagram followers. Follow these simple steps and just rock on Instagram.

[icon type=”fa fa-heart” color=”#ff0000″] Trendy images

Follow the trends going on the networks. You can say, like selfies, belfies, groupfies, collages, etc. If you follow the daily trends you will always lead your group. Use the Instagram effects to make your image more getty and alluring. Clear photos not works good on Instagram.


[icon type=”fa fa-heart” color=”#ff0000″] Use hashtags

Instagram has provided this element to attract more people using hashtags. You can use hashtags for getting likes and followers. Naturally hashtags is for describing the aspects in your picture like #selfie #cute #loving #instagood #photooftheday. These hashtags works when someone search it on the network. You can also search these hashtags on Instagram search engine and get more likes and follow-backs.



[icon type=”fa fa-heart” color=”#ff0000″] Use Layout

Using Instagram Layout helps you to create a group of photos in a single image. It also has various effects and applications to make your pic more charming and effective. You can easily download this stunning app and create beautiful groupies.


[icon type=”fa fa-heart” color=”#ff0000″] Be grateful

If you want likes you have to like others photos too, same rule is applicable for follows. If you want more followers you have to believe in followbacks. You can increase your followers up to 100 using this trick. You can also use the hashtags such as #followback #follow4folllow #likes to increase your popularity on Instagram.




[icon type=”fa fa-heart” color=”#ff0000″] Link with Facebook

You can go into your account setting using your Instagram app to activate the Facebook account for your Instagram profile. After then your every photo will be posted on Facebook too, this will increase your post reach and definitely increase your likes.

[icon type=”fa fa-heart” color=”#ff0000″] Photo tags

You can also tag your friends in group photos and groupfies. This will also increase your post reach which in turn give you more likes. Using too many photo tags is tiresome and dull. Max to max tag 8-10 people, this will keep your image clean and non-irritating.


How to increase Instagram followers

How to increase Instagram followers

Last updated: January 8, 2016

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