How to Build and submit a sitemap to Google

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In this post, You will learn, How to Build and submit a sitemap to Google. Before you create and submit a sitemap, you need to know about Sitemap and the importance of a Sitemap.

Google generates a result that comprises of ‘n’ no of pages and links every time when you search for a query on Google. If you have created a blog and you too want to appear in Google’s Search Result Page then you will have to submit your blog’s sitemap to Google.

What is Sitemap ? and Why it is Important to Create a Sitemap ?

Sitemap is basically a list of pages, posts, categories, images, etc of your website that helps search engines to understand about your website easily.

How to Build and submit a sitemap to Google

It is very necessary to create a sitemap for your blog because with the help of the sitemap it would be easy for a Search Engine to find your website’s content, I mean the pages, posts, images etc. This will certainly help Search Engines to crawl your website efficiently.

Let’s be clear that sitemap will not improve your ranking. If your website is new then sitemap becomes more important because it is obvious that you want to inform Google and others about your website without wasting time. How to Build and submit a sitemap to Google.

By submitting sitemap you are helping no one but yourself. You want Search Engines to reach your website and crawl as soon as possible then this is the only possible way.

Crawling and Indexing is the two main process that every website has to pass through. And if  your website fails to pass these two process then it may be that your site will not appear in Search. To know more about Google Crawling and indexing, read this article : Google Crawling and Indexing : How Search Works !  

How to generate a sitemap for your website ?

If you are using WordPress then it is very easy to generate a sitemap for your website. WordPress is assuredly the best CMS and when you choose WordPress, your job becomes little easy. You might like : Reasons – Why you should choose WordPress.

There are tons of free plugins available on, you can use any plugin you want to use for your benefit.

For generating Sitemap there are hundreds of WordPress Plugins. One of most the popular plugin is Yoast SEO which not only allows you to create sitemap for your blog but also automatically generates a sitemap for your website. Yoast SEO plugin is very easy to use and customize and also has many great features that you won’t find in any other free plugin. You can read one of my post on Yoast SEO which will help you to Install and Setup Yoast SEO  correctly.

If you want to create a sitemap using the Yoast SEO plugin then you will have to enable XML sitemap functionality in Yoast Plugin. You just need to Install the Yoast SEO and to enable this feature go to SEO>XML sitemaps and Enable XML sitemap functionality by clicking on the Enabled button and do not forget to Save this change. You can check the Screenshot for better understanding :

How to Build and submit a sitemap to Google

Enabling this functionality will make your sitemap publicly available. You can click on the XML Sitemap button to view the generated sitemap or you can visit the link : .

Other WordPress plugins you can use are :

If you do not want to use a plugin then you can create a sitemap online. I would never recommend this method but if you still want to do then XML – is a good place to create sitemap online. Build and submit sitemap to Google.

How to Submit XML Sitemap to Google :

We all know that Google is most popular Search Engine. And Most of the traffic you would be getting through Google. If you have not submitted your sitemap to Google, Submit it now.

If you are a verified user i.e. you are already using Google Search Console then follow the given steps to Submit your blog’s sitemap to Google and if your site is not verified then verify your site for Search Console : How to Build and submit a sitemap to Google.

  • Login to your Google Search Console account.
  • Right click on your property to open it.
  • Now click on Crawl and then on Sitemaps.
  • After clicking the Sitemaps you will see option – Add/test sitemap.
  • Click on Add/test sitemap button.
  • Submit your link here i.e. the link of your XML file that you have created.

Indexing may take time so have patience and wait. You can also check Indexing status for your blog, once you have submitted your sitemap.

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How to Build and submit a sitemap to Google.

Last updated: June 14, 2016

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