How Social media affects SEO – 2x your web traffic

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What is Social Media ? How Social media affects SEO

Wikipedia’s definition : “A group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content.”

How Social media affects SEO

Before it wasn’t important what kind of links you are building or you have but now the things have changed, Only Quality link matters. If you are ignoring Social media, you are making a big mistake because link building alone will not give you better results. For any online business, A strong Social media presence is very significant. In this post we will be talking about How Social media affects SEO

A video was Uploaded on Jan 22, 2014 in which Matt cutts confirms that Facebook likes or twitter followers do not affect search Engine Rankings.

This statement from Matt has created lots of Confusion in people’s mind. After the above statement, many started thinking that Social media is of no use because Google’s algorithm doesn’t use social signals as a ranking factor in search results. Here one question becomes very important to answer Is Social Media dead ? The answer is of-course no. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc are ruling the world. There are billions who use Social sites and the number is increasing regularly.

Let see 5 ways How Social media affects SEO

Social sharing is new way of Link Building

How Social media affects SEO

I always say this statement ” The more quality links you own, the more popular you become ” when the word “Link” i listen or i talk about. As we all know Link building is very crucial because it is an important factor which is taken into consideration by Google and other search engines to determine which website should be given higher ranking in Search results.

As i said only Quality links matters, Social shares will bring you high quality links and will lower the risk of Google penalties but Fake likes, shares and followers should be avoided.

Social sharing Boosts Web traffic

Social sharing will surely boost your web traffic no doubt. Join major social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+,etc. and share your web content there which will bring you more number of clicks and if your content is interesting other people will also share your content. Links built by SEO companies do not bring traffic but they increase authority and ranking of your website.

There are lots of websites completely depend on Social media and they get millions of hits per month through their Social shares. Social sharing will bring you interested or say targeted readers only. You can also create your own group of interested people who can share your content.

Author Authority (Google)

Google has officially declared author authority as a way to verify and rank content based on a various factors such as relevance, reach, etc. It is important to have a good reputed Social profile because now it is right time to make your Google+ or twitter or Facebook account.

Google allows you to link your content with your Google+ profile to assure that your account is linked to your post content in Google’s (search engine) search result. Linking your account with your post will prevent your original content from getting copied.

Speed up your Indexing Status

The more your content gets shared across the social media the more its value increases in Search Engine’s eyes. Search Engine will index your content quickly if they (Search Engines) see your content getting lots of shares across the Social Media.

Search Engines love social sites like Facebook, twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, pinterest, YouTube, etc because they always have fresh Contents and popular contents for which people are looking.

Increases value of your Keywords

If you have unique content or say a content about which nobody knows then Social Media can help you to earn value for such keywords. Actually you can convert your keywords into relevant keywords if you are getting lots of shares on Social networks.

For example if you get millions of share on Social Media for your unique content which is fresh in the market and people start loving your content. Soon you will get famous everywhere and people will make use of Search Engine to find you this will increase the average search for your keyword. That is how you can make a dead keyword as a powerful keyword using Social Media.

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How Social media affects SEO

How Social media affects SEO

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