Forgotten password or pattern ? unlock your Android device

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Forgotten password or pattern ? unlock your Android device

If you are unable to unlock you android phone here we have solution for you. Don’t panic and remove your SD card,this is how you can save your important data’s which are there in your SD card.

Try to unlock using Google account



If you own a Android phone , it is expected you have a account with google.For using play store you must have a  google account. so what you can if you have forgotten your password or pattern :-

  1. Draw any pattern or enter any password and you will see an option Forget password ?
  2. After that you will be directed to a new place where you will be asked to enter your google account information.
  3. Now provide your Google account username and password attached with your device and click on “sign in”. After that you are directed to choose new pattern and now you can unlock with this pattern.

Unlock pattern without Google account

Before  following this method let me tell you that you will lose all your data and apps.This method is different for different cellphone so we suggest you to search on the web which is suitable for you.

  1. Switch off you android phone.
  2. Now hold “Volume up + Home Key + Power Button” all together until it boots (Note : If your phone doesn’t have home button press volume up and power key together).
  3. A screen like DOS will come up with different options.
  4. Use the volume key to move up and down then scroll down to “Restore Factory Defaults” or “Delete all User Data” depending on which option comes on your device.
  5. Now scroll down to “Reboot System Now ” and wait for your phone to reboot.
Combination of buttons for factory reset is different for different cellphones . So we suggest you to search for your specified android device but the steps will be same for all.

Last updated: March 26, 2016

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