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facebook instant articles

Facebook is already a biggest source of getting good amount of traffic. But what if you want more from it ?

In this post, I will explain you all about setting up Facebook instant articles.

Facebook Instant articles is simply a new feature by Facebook for displaying your blog post in text and images. In other words, it will disable your widgets and email boxes. It will even disable your Google Adsense ads 🙁 It’s a bad news. But the GOOD news is it will increase you web traffic instantly. Because there are many readers but less content.  It is very important to integrate on your Facebook page especially when you’re running a blog.


Implement this feature of Facebook soon into your blog. Because there are many other people too in the competition 🙂

What is Facebook Instant Articles ?

Previously, When you were sharing your articles on websites like Facebook, it showed the featured image with a link to your website. And similarly in the Facebook mobile app, it opens the whole website on app browser itself. This gradually slowed down the articles loading time on the app. Hence Facebook released this new feature called as “Facebook instant articles” for the fast loading of the web pages on the app. This feature will only show your content (i.e. images, titles and paragraph texts to your users).

You can read more about Facebook Instant Articles here on official Documentation on FIA (Facebook Instant Articles)

facebook instant articles

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If you will configure the Facebook instant articles on your website it will show the “Instant article icon” on the blog post link you will share on Facebook. See the image given above.

I’ve already set up Facebook Instant Articles for my 3nions official fb page.

You can also make a good amount of $ from Facebook Instant Articles. As it disables your native website ads it can enable a Facebook ads for your articles (after enabling monetization). Read more about Facebook Instant Article ads.

How to Configure Facebook Instant Articles on WordPress blogs ?

Its not a hard work at all. You just have to follow the recommended steps (given below) to enable Facebook Instant Articles on your website.


Login into your Facebook account. Remember that your Facebook page of your blog is assigned to this account only.

Go to the Facebook Instant Article sign up page and click on sign up button.

facebook instant articles signup page

On clicking the Sign up button you will be taken to the new page known as “Start Using Instant Articles”.

You will have to select your page (official website page) on which you want to enable Facebook Instant Articles.

After the successful selection check the terms agreement and click on the “Access Instant Articles Tools” button.

Refer to the screen shot given below.

facebook instant articles

If you have enabled the Instant articles on your Facebook Page you can easily access it in the page settings of your Facebook Page. See the screenshot given below.

All the settings of the Instant Articles will remains in that and you can change it any time you want to.

facebook instant articles

The main profit is that Now you can easily change the design of your FIA anytime using official fb page manager app.

Basically it is a three-step process and hence it is very easy to configure.

facebook instant articles

Here’s how to start creating articles and get ready for review.

Claiming your URL for Instant Articles

This is a tricky process but I know that you all can do it easily. You just have to copy the meta tag given unser your claim URL tab and paste it in the section of your WordPress site. For this, Go to your Appearance settings then > Editor > header.php

Find for the <head> in your header.php file. Paste the meta tag just below it. It should look like the one given below.

Claim the URL only after adding the meta tag

After adding this into your section. Click on the claim URL button of your Instant Articles page. Don’t forget to clean your website’s cache before claiming otherwise it will not work properly.

facebook instant articles


Enabling production RSS feeds using WordPress Plugin

You can distribute Instant Articles to Facebook directly from your content management system using one or both of two different systems: the Instant Articles API or a secure RSS feed.

Install the official Facebook instant article WordPress plugin.

This plugin adds support for Instant Articles for Facebook, which is a new way for publishers to distribute fast, interactive stories on Facebook. Instant Articles are preloaded in the Facebook mobile app so they load instantly.

With the plugin active, a new menu will be available for you to connect to your Facebook Page and start publishing your Instant Articles. You’ll also see the status of each Instant Articles submission on the edit page of your posts.

To provide a reliable Instant Articles experience when readers tap links to your articles on Facebook, create an Instant Article version of each article whenever a new article URL is published to your website. When an Instant Article version of an article is published, readers on Instant Articles-enabled devices will see the story as an Instant Article whenever they discover it on Facebook. Below is the step-wise tutorial to follow-up.

  • Creating a page app ID
  • Adding the page ID and page secret into the WordPress plugin. See the screenshot given below. The plugin will only be active after adding the App ID and App Secret to your instant articles settings of “Instant articles for WP plugin”.

facebook instant articles

Now you can visit your instant articles using the url. For example my url is

Within the plugin you will see the Login with Facebook.

If you get any error like “invalid or no URL found” just add your domain in your Facebook page app settings page.


Feed submission to Facebook

Facebook has a review process where they verify that all Instant Articles are properly formatted, have content consistency with their mobile web counterparts, and adhere to their community standards and content policies. You will not be able to publish Instant Articles in Facebook until your feed has been approved.

How to submit ?

After following up all the process now you will have to submit your Facebook instant articles for a review. Facebook will take 2-3 business days to approve your request.

For 10 articles restriction of FIA. Just open 10 super cool WordPress posts and hit the update button for all the 10 posts. This will send a message to Facebook and after then you will be able to click the submit for review button.

Facebook ads for Instant Articles

You can optionally add the Facebook ads on your Instant Articles using the Facebook audience network. See the screenshot give below.

facebook instant articles

As the exclusive network solution for Instant Articles, Facebook’s Audience Network offers publishers the opportunity to leverage the power
of Facebook demand to monetize their content. Through high-value formats and people-based targeting, we help you deliver relevant,
engaging ads and maximize ad revenue.
You have to add your payout / payment information before the succesful redeem of your incomes.

What type of ad formats can Instant Articles support? Install ads? Link ads? Video ads?

Publishers can directly sell and deliver banner ads, video ads (click to play or sound off), and animated ads containing HTML5, JavaScript or CSS (provided the ads do not expand, collapse or any block content). Publishers can also monetize through the Facebook Audience Network, delivering high value, relevant and engaging ads from over 3 million advertisers on Facebook.

What is the average RPM (or CPM) for Audience Network?

The Audience Network provides publishers and developers with engaging, high performing ad units backed by Facebook’s 3 million advertisers. CPM can be influenced by multiple factors, including a publisher’s readership, seasonality in spending by advertisers and other more external issues in the marketplace. Publishers can track the CPM through the Audience Network dashboard that they have access to once on-boarded to Audience Network.

You can check the more FAQ on Facebook Instant Articles ads placement policy.

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Last updated: May 4, 2016

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Nice detailed guidance. But i happy to say, my blog GuruTechy yesterday get approved for publishing on Facebook instant articles. It takes nearly one month to get approval from them. Here i have written about my experience hoe it would help your readers.

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