Best security plugins for wordpress

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Best WordPress Security plugins

As we all know that if your business is increasing then there will be some people finding a way to pull you down. More than 100k websites are attacked daily. Hackers are becoming better, a single wrong step can be the biggest mistake and an opportunity for a hacker . We have faced many problems because we had no the security for our website, but we don’t want you to face all such problems.

Nowadays Blogging is becoming more powerful and popular. WordPress has became the biggest blogging platform with amazing themes and plugins (looks and features). There are many popular websites which are built and maintained on WordPress. Today, you can also create an e-commerce website with WordPress. With this tremendous growth in web development using WordPress there is also a huge growth in security breach of WordPress. There are many hackers and intruders sitting backside of their computer to hack your content either for profit or just for practice.

There are many ways to stop them. The first and the primary way is to protect and hide your WordPress login page for non-admins and visitors. Enabling this will help you to hide page so that only you can see it. It can be done by modifying your .htaccess file.

You may also like : How to protect your WordPress website from getting hacked. As I’ve mentioned many security measures to protect your website in it.

There are many free security plugins available on WordPress plugin directory which not only protects your website from hackers and intruders but also provides you the record of each and every edit of your dashboard.  Also provides you the secure and verified login form. Here I have shared a list of Best WordPress security plugins.

Best WordPress Security plugins

1. Sucuri


Best WordPress Security plugins

Best WordPress Security plugins

Sucuri is the multi-functioned high-profile security plugin which helps you to notify the login attempts via email or other means. It helps to detect the malware or any malicious virus codes and clean it on time. It can be scheduled to check your entire website in hours, days or weeks.

It provides the complete security to the WordPress blogs. This plugin usually includes all the security options so you do not have to install any other security plugin, also using too many plugins will slow down your website. This is one of the best WordPress Security plugins of 2016.

It comes with a free plan to provide the basic malware security and scanning. You can also buy a premium version of this plugin for more flexibility in security. You can go on its official website to find out what it is actually and how can it protect your website.

Believe me, it is the best plugin for which you’re here. I’m also using the same plugin and it has protected me from 1100+ web attacks last month. The plus point about this plugin is that it notify me about every single update, change or edit on my website via email.

2. Login LockDown

As a Blogger I recommend you to install this plugin with an addition to Sucuri. This is the first WordPress plugin to successfully stop the brute force attacks on WordPress. You can set the particular number of attempts to login into your WordPress dashboard.

If the users exceeds the number of login limits they will be locked out from your website (not able to visit or view your website) until and unless you will allow him to visit.

Brute force attacks usually attempt hundred or thousand times to login into your dashboard using the different password combinations. Once they get the right one, they’ll take it all. Login LockDown helps your website to limit the login attempts so that you can only login once, twice or thrice.

You can set the number of login attempts to be made while logging in. It automatically blocks the IP which will try to fake login more than 2-3 times in the dashboard and this proves it a helpful plugin.

3. WP Security Scan


Best WordPress Security plugins

Best WordPress Security plugins

WP security scan is the free WordPress plugin easily available in the WordPress plugin directory. It helps the user to easily monitor the login attempts via email, password change notifications also helps to optimize the website data.

It helps you to change the login form links and other secure area by changing their directory or names. It can be programmed to change the .htaccess and other secure files so that it cannot be shown publicly.

Note : .htaccess is very important file, as it contains all the permissions to access the root files of your website.

4. Wordfence

Best WordPress Security plugins

Best WordPress Security plugins

The Wordfence WordPress security plugin provides free enterprise-class WordPress security, protecting your website from hacks and malware. It helps to scan the viruses and malware data in your WordPress directories and files. This is one of the Best WordPress security plugins which is securing more than 10000 WordPress websites.

Wordfence starts by checking if your site is already infected or not. If it has been infected it scans it and clears all the complications in your blog. It is a free plugin and also has an open source license. Its features usually includes:

  • Blocking Features
  • Login Security
  • Security Scanning
  • WordPress Firewall
  • Monitoring & Caching
  • Compatibility

5. Akismet


Best WordPress Security plugins

Best WordPress Security plugins

This in Anti-spam plugin to protect your website from comment spamming. The last but not the least plugin which is very important for every blogging websites. The attackers are inventing new techniques daily to hack the growing blogs. This is a web server-based plugin for checking the spam comments on your blog. When any hacker post a spam comment on your blog, Akismet will check and verify it that whether it is infected or not.

Last month Akismet  has protected me from 500 spam comments. Many popular Blogs such as Shoutmeloud & Wpbeginner use this plugin and recommend others to use it too.

It automatically checks all comments and filters the spam one. Comment hacking were newly discovered hacking technique. If someone post that code in your blog and you saw it mistakenly, they will get the access to your dashboard from which they can easily reveal the Username and Password of your WordPress website. Best WordPress Security plugins

There are many security plugins for different purposes. You can also install these as an alternative to one or many. Some of them are Shortlisted below for you.

  • All in one WP security and firewall : This the best security plugin for Beginners as it is simple and easy to use. This can be use as an alternative to iThemes and Sucuri. If you don’t have enough technical knowledge then this is the best plugin for you.
  • Bulletproof Security : This is also a good plugin for creating an extra protection by firewall, login security, Database security. This plugin is reliable and easy to use as it is specially made for beginners. Best WordPress security plugins
  • iThemes Security : This is also a great plugin with many inbuilt features. This can be used as an alternative to Sucuri. It has also has a premium upgrade for further WordPress security.
  • WP Security Audit Log : This plugin is also a good choice if you want the record of each and every happening on your WordPress Dashboard. This is the perfect plugin to create a log of all the changes to protect your website from thwart and hackers.
  • Anti-malware Security and Brute force firewall : This is an antivirus type plugin for your WordPress website which creates a firewall to protect your website from robotic attacks and malware deletion.
  • CAPTCHA by BestWebSoft : This plugin helps to create a CAPTCHA on the forms so that only human beings (not automated computers) can fill the forms. And hence it also helps to protect your website from Brute force attacks.
  • Clef Two factor Authentication : You can use this plugin as an alternative to Google authenticator. This plugin doesn’t requires a password to login into your WordPress dashboard. Rather than that it creates a two-factor animated authentication code for secure login. Hence it replaces the password system of your website so that only you can login. In case you lost your mobile phone, you can enter the pin to unlock your WordPress website.

These are the some of the best security plugins to create a firewall around your WordPress website. You can use any one of them according to your requisite. Jetpack is also a great security plugin to protect your website from spammers and brute-force attacks. Jetpack places a mathematical questions below the login form so that only a human being can attempt the login. In this way, Jetpack protects the website from Brute force attacks.

Note that website hacking is increasing day by day with different types and procedures. And the protection is a must if you don’t want to get hacked. Below are some security tips to protect your website from vulnerabilities.

  • Regularly check for and update your WordPress plugins
  • Use Two-factor authentication for logins
  • Use Cloudflare to protect your website from Ddos attacks
  • Delete spam comments regularly
  • Set expiry for your old caches
  • Make the use of CAPTCHA on login forms
  • Scan for viruses from cpanel (under advance > virus scanner)
  • Make regular backup of your important files and directories
  • Keep track on your analytics
  • Use a complex password (you can also use WordPress password generator under you edit profile page)

Best WordPress Security plugins

Best WordPress Security plugins

Last updated: April 23, 2016

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Hi ! I'm Prakhar Shrivastav, currently a final year BSc student and a co-founder of 3nions. I love spending quality times on Web development, Graphic designing, and SEO.


Hey Prakhar,

I think you list out all the securities plugin in wordpress repo. actually two is enough – sucuri and Google authenicator, And thank you, am not well aware of all this plugin.

Hey Pravin,
Yeah, these are the most popular security plugins for WordPress and each are the good alternative of other. I recommend bloggers to use sucuri and Google authenticator. Both is enough. And if they want to try different then there are many others which are also useful. I will also glad to know some, if I’ve missed.

The perfect combination for a WordPress blog would be AKisMet , CloudFlare , WordFence and Login LockDown.

I use others on my active blog , but the above have been tested , and increase the page load speed ( because of compression) too.

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