Best WordPress Popup plugins for increasing the email subscriptions

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Best WordPress Popup plugins

Popup has became popular among the blogging websites. Whether it is subscription to the newsletter or the news for the latest post, popups are very helpful for the blogs. These are popups which you may have seen before on different websites  [icon type=”fa fa-arrow-down” color=”#171717″]

Best WordPress Popup plugins

Engaging the readers into your email subscription or newsletter is very essential for the growth of your blog. The pop ups helps in targeting the right people to your website in the proper way. As adding the pop-up to an HTML website is not that easy. But for the WordPress users, there are many free and premium plugins are available which can be easily used to manage different types of pop ups.

[icon type=”fa fa-star” color=”#dd1616″] Why popups are essential ?

  • Gain Email subscribers
  • Scroll down pop ups helps to inform about the latest post.
  • Welcome note.
  • Special news or notice about change in your trend.
  • Advertisements or affiliate market promotions.

As pop ups have advantages, it has disadvantages too. Sometimes browser plugins such as popup blocker may fail your plans but there are many different ways to increase those stuffs.

[icon type=”fa fa-star” color=”#dd1616″] Don’t use too many popups !

Do you all like to watch the same movie 3-4 times, I expect no. No one likes to do that again. Similarly, when your visitors will see too may popups ads or a pop up related to your website updates they’ll get confuse and probably they’ll close your website.

The real blogger never irritate their readers. 1-2 pop ups are good for the health of the average blogs.


So now I’m gonna discuss with you some cool and attracting pop up plugins to gain more email subscribers. The plugins mentioned below are free and premium. You can use any one which is compatible and suitable for your blogs or websites.


[icon type=”fa fa-bookmark” color=”#dd0f0f”] Popup Maker



This is a mobile friendly plugin available for free on WordPress. Popup Maker is the most versatile and easy to use popup, modal & content overlay plugin available. With a variety of customization settings you can create any type of overlay you can imagine. With a growing library of extensions you can further increase it’s power.

  • Content Targeting Conditions – With our targeting conditions you can show a popup on one page or all pages of your site for precise content targeting.
  • Visual Theme Builder – Customize every visual aspect of your popups to blend perfectly into your site with no coding required. We include color pickers, sliders, Google Fonts & much more. Over 60 options!
  • Click Open Popup Triggers – Open popups from your menus, sidebars, footers, text content, buttons, images or anything else on the page that the user can click.


[icon type=”fa fa-bookmark” color=”#dd0f0f”] WordPress Popups


screenshot-1 (2)

This awesome plugin is the perfect solution to increase your social followers, add call to actions, increase your mailing lists by adding a form like mailchimp or to display any important message in a simple pop up. A 100% free pop up plugin to increase your followers and mailing list.

  • Show popup on specific pages, templates, posts, etc
  • Filter user from search engines
  • Filter users that never commented
  • Filter users that arrived via another page on your site
  • Filter users via roles


[icon type=”fa fa-bookmark” color=”#dd0f0f”] OptinMonster



OptinMonster comes with an easy to use form builder that allows you to create beautiful opt in forms that are proven to convert. You can create the various type of optins including WordPress popup forms, floating header and footer bars, slide-ins also known as scroll triggered boxes, sidebar forms, after post forms, in-line forms, mobile-specific forms, welcome gates and more. This is one of the most popular & best WordPress pop up plugins.

  • High converting template library (100% responsive mobile-friendly).
  • 8 different types of optin forms.
  • Powerful page level targeting to build a hyper-segmented email list.


[icon type=”fa fa-bookmark” color=”#dd0f0f”] Facebook Page Promoter


screenshot-1 (3)

It is a free WordPress pop up Plugin to promote your Facebook page. All your visitors should know about your Facebook page and tell their friends. With this plugin you can display a preconfigured Facebook Fan Page-Like Box inside a light box.

  • Facebook page is needed
  • Display the Facebook lightbox onload with or without a delay
  • Limit the lightbox to once every x days per visitor
  • Promote your own Facebook fan page
  • No api key needed


[icon type=”fa fa-bookmark” color=”#dd0f0f”] Sticky Popups


screenshot-3 (3)

Sticky Pop up is a simple, easy and fully customizable WordPress plugin used to add pop up on fixed place like footer left, footer right, left side or right side with CSS3 effects. You can display any content like contact form, feedback form, advertising, content, social buttons. Add your content with shortcode in visual text editor in same way as you edit your WordPress post/page.

  • Social promotions
  • Beautiful buttons
  • Sticky box
  • Forms enabled

Best WordPress Popup plugins

Best WordPress Popup plugins

Last updated: February 25, 2016

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