Best free SEO tools for WordPress: Free Online SEO tools for 2016

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Best free SEO tools

Every website and blogs requires a good SEO if the organic search results are their primary way of traffic. Many website offers a paid SEO tools. If you are going for a paid one then Semrush, Moz and SEObook will be the best option.


What if you’ll get all these paid features for free ? Isn’t it sounds cool ? Yep, now I’m going to list some of the best free SEO tools for your WordPress website. You can use them for better SEO results, keyword suggestions, page-speed analysis, page-rank, Plagiarism checker, useful backlink tools and many more other features which will prove to be very useful for increasing your Google Page Rank.

If you’re new to SEO, then please have a read : What is SEO and its importance? These tools will also help you in guessing the proper keyword for your content. Checkout best keyword suggestion tools to increase your web traffic.

Google keyword planner



If you are going for a free SEO tools, this is the best keyword suggestion tool. I suggest you to use this feature by google. Google is the most used search engine throughout the world. Hence this tool will feed you the proper and right keywords with the bids and monthly searches columns, so that you can easily choose the proper keyword for your content. Use this tool and and make the best out of it to increase your page rank.

Pingdom tools



This is a complete solution provider for your slow loading website. It is used to monitor the website’s speed and its page size. It shows the average time required by a website to open. It also shows which script or the element is taking more time to load your website so that you can minify or permanently disable it. Read more in best tools for testing website’s speed.

Google Pagespeed Insights



Another cool tool by the google to check the website speed on mobile and web devices. It is similar to pingdom but it is more popular. As it is a google tool, it will give the proper measures and solutions for the website to a mobile friendly.This tool gives the score for your page analysis (speed) in terms of 100. If your website is not good for the mobile devices it will indicate you giving the low score for mobile devices. for example 45/100 or more.

Check this post : Best google tools for your website.

Open Site Explorer


Best free SEO tools


This is a free tool by Moz for link analysis of your website. It helps you count your back links and provides information about which link is more effective and which one is not. It also gives the URL from where the link is coming from or the location of the link. is a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create, keep up, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond. It is for the users who are familiar with coding languages. For WordPress users, there is a free plugin for creating structured data or Schemas 🙂

Yoast SEO for WordPress


Best free SEO Plugins for WordPress

For writing SEO for a WordPress website, you’ll need a proper plugin for it. Yoast SEO is the best WordPress SEO plugin which helps you edit and add every single thing about SEO. It also gives the SEO scores to your WordPress posts. It is an all in one SEO plugin for WordPress. I also use this plugin for my website as it is the proper one for blogs and content writing. You can also see best SEO plugins for WordPress for more information about this plugin. this is one of the Best free SEO tools for WordPress users.

Small SEO tools

This is a complete SEO solution website which provides free SEO tools for gaining the better search results. It includes almost all the features for a website to be an SEO friendly. You can see some of them in the image below. This website gives the complete analysis of the SEO status of your website.



All of the tools mentioned above are absolutely free. These online SEO tools will not only help to increase your SEO quality but it will also bring a proper organic traffic to your blog.

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Best free SEO tools

Best free SEO tools

Last updated: May 24, 2016

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Pavitra Kumar


An awesome and useful article which provided complete knowledge and information about Free SEO tools. Your collection is great. If we search for the keyword “Website Analysis”, we will get lots of sites to check up.

Webmaster Tools & Open Site Explorer are definitely among the best but you might want to add ahrefs to your next list.

Thanks for sharing this article. Happy Blogging 🙂

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