5 Best data sharing Android apps

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5 Best data sharing Android apps

There was a time when we used to share files using blue-tooth and that was something great for us but in past few years we have seen lots of sudden change in sharing system. Now we have many apps who have made the sharing of larger files very easy and the transfer is so quick. There is huge competition in Android market every company wants to be on the top and due to this Android phones are becoming cheaper. The number of Android users are increasing daily. Wireless data Sharing is becoming very popular and app makers are continuously trying to improve data sharing .

This topic becomes very important : 5 Best data sharing Android apps.


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Simple user interface and compatibility with almost all devices makes SHAREit one of the best sharing app. Allows you to transfer files with your friends if they have installed SHAREit and also allows you to transfer files between phone and pc. It is one of the most popular app on the play store. There are many apps with bundle of features but shareit is simple and quick and allows cross platform tranferring means you can share your files with computers,ios devices,tablets and windows phones. It uses Wifi for transferring.




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Another great app available in the market which is filled with lots of amazing features. Share any type of files and also supports  cross platform tranfer. It doesnt uses Wifi or mobile data connection for tranfering process instead it uses their self contained sharing network. you should give a try because you are going to love this app. It supports group sharing.




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Supports group sharing up to 4 devices and multi language. Support off-line mode no use of internet. It has all features what we look for . Transfer anything you want with high transfer speed. You need not to install any software on PC or MAC.




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Superbeam uses wifi direct to transfer files for high transfer speed. For pairing devices you have two options using NFC or QR scanning. It has pro version also but you will have to pay for it. This basic version is absolutely free. It switches to hotspot mode if the device doesn’t supports wifi direct.




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It requires android version 4.0 and up. Another cool app uses wifi direct to transfer larger files quickly. It is not very popular like all apps i have mentioned above but still good as a file sharing app.


5 Best data sharing Android apps



Last updated: January 8, 2016

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